1. Sort the laundry

it is recommended to wash the white or light-colour clothing separately from dark colour clothing.

2. Washing program

Use the appropriate washing program. In this way, the machine will dose detergents according to dirt and type of fabric achieving the best results and being environmentally friendly

3. Loading

Fill the washing machine but without exceeding. Excess load may leave clothes not fully clean. However, using the washing machine for a few clothing items means a waste of water and energy.

4. Take the clothes out

When the washing process is finished, take the clothes out of the washing machine as soon as possible to avoid odours in the clothes. If you like, put them inside the tumble dryer.

5. Folding

Fold your clothes in our folding area. In this way, there will be no creases in your clothes, and you will save space in your bag. The table has been designed with a convenient height.